We Believe In Good Old Fashioned Service. 


Mickey Cohen is a Realtor with experience in the construction business. Mickey assists his clients in buying and selling Residential Real Estate. Mickey learned a lot of valuable skills while working as a computer technician in charge of the entire company's computers and network. As a result, he specializes in online marketing. 

Mickey's knowledge of the construction business gives him a unique ability to understand his client's home on a much deeper level. Therefore, Mickey can answer questions not only from a real estate standpoint but also from a construction standpoint as well.

Mickey's excellent organization skills and persistence are a great advantage to his clients. His unique personality gives him the upper hand in his relations. Mickey's philosophy is to do the best possible to honestly serve his clients so that they will use him for life.



Online Marketing Specialist

Since everything is online today we recognize the great importance of marketing your home online. The first thing that almost all buyers do when they start to look for a house is go online. Therefore we will market your property ACROSS the web. Below are some of the ways we accomplish this EFFECT.


Your home will be advertised on more than 300 real estate websites.

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Through our sole and exclusive email list we will send your listing to all the REALTORS in the San Fernando Valley and the Westside. This is also how we can sell your home off market if desired. 



International marketing - Instead of just MARKETING your home within the US, we understand that there are many buyers looking for houses in Los ANGELES county from around the WORLD. As a result, we will advertise your home on the top 3 INTERNATIONAL real estate websites. (For properties above 1 million)


Serving The Westside And The San Fernando Valley


Headquartered in Beverly Hills with an additional 10 Offices around the Valley and Westside.